Atlas Signs began operations in 1992 in a humble 3,000 square foot facility located in Lake Worth, Florida with only three employees (including principles!) Utilizing limited equipment and a single crane truck, the goal was local sales and installations for national providers.

Growth came along with Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The ensuing aftermath increased demand for Atlas’ goods and services, which created a need for more space and more people. Spring of 1993 finds Atlas with a new 5,000 square foot facility and now twelve employees. A second crane truck and an aerial ladder are added to increase productivity.

By 1995 Atlas had earned it’s “Performance Driven” reputation. Atlas now employs twenty nine, and needs more space. This move would be around the bend, literally about one hundred yards. The new facility has 12,000 square feet. It is at this time Atlas adds fabrication equipment, cranes, and replaces several outdated pieces. Design and engineering departments are created at this time. The permit department is expanded as new sales staff is added.

The next few years would bring continued growth and accomplishments in the form of several successful bank conversions and major retail re-images. This sets the stage for national account acquisitions. We have become one of the national providers we first sought to service.

In 2001 Atlas moved to it’s current 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Still we have continued to grow and have recently added 13,000 square feet of office space. While buildings and locations have changed, one thing remains constant; we will continue to be your “Performance Driven” company.